DS6100 : \BCD error when trying to do factory restore

I contaced the WD support to help me do a resotre to factory default as I could not boot up my DS6100 anymore.
I followed the instruction to download the zip file, extract it to a FAT32 formatted USB drive and use it to boot my DS6100 by holding the recovery button at the back while turning on the power.
The system booted into WinPE on the USB drive and asked my confirmation for recovery. I answered “yes”, it started the recovery process, then restarted and came up with the error.

The boot Configuration Data file is missing some required information.

Any ideas, how to resolve this issue and successfully complete the recovery?

I think bcd refers to recovery. you want to start fro scratch

Thanks for responding.
Could you please point me to starting from scratch?

Too late tonight, but you need a 2012R2 iso, the marvel raid drivers, and the wd “additions”
I have the second two

Tomorrow then. I will try and get 2012R2.

marvell raid

oem mods

I downloaded 2012R2 64 bit server evaluation version and the zip files you have shared here.
Thanks a lot.
Could you please let me know the next steps?

sorry, been away today
you need to make a bootable thumb as below
what you downloaded 2012r2 should be an iso. dbl click it and it should mount as a drive leter.
copy all the files from the iso to the thumb as well as the marvel drivers
i guess you hold in the reset button while power on to boot to the thumb
windows setup should begin and get to where it does not find a drive.
have disk and point to the marvell drivers

I will try.


Thanks for your help.
I could install 2012R2 evaluation version on the system sucecssfully.
Now, I need to figure out how to restore the original OS of DS6100.
Any ideas?

I mislead you. Sorry about that.
You need to get the iso for server 2012R2 Essentials
The key on you box will not activate 2012R2

once you have the 2012r2 essentials installed make a folder c:\wd and put all the files from the other zip in there
then run wdinstall.bat from an admin command prompt

No Worries.
I will try this.


@GRAMPS, I did install 2012 R2 essentials and it went well.
I am now trying to create the RAID 0 setup on my box with two 4TB HDDs and I am unable to.
I see only one of the HDD in the WD tray application where in it allows us to create the RAID.
Also, in disk management, of Windows, I see ! HDD and I am unable to assign a drive letter to it.

did you install the wd stuff ; c:\wd?
is the hard drive bad? swap them?
there was some .exe not as easy as marvel.exe though

may be mvsomething.exe though

I did run c:\wd and ran the server configurartion that takes about 30 mins.

I am not sure of the exe you are referring to. I will check the wd folder and see if there is something. the marvel zip does not have any exe except the setup exe.

swap the drives and send some screenshots

Got it resolved. I had set one of the HDD as hot spare and hence it was not being listed. Everything works as desired now.

Thanks a lot for your hand holding support.

very good
glad you got it rebuilt