Dropped WD blue 4tb still ok?

Hi there so I have a WD40EZRZ 4TB and I was working on my computer and while I was working on my computer I left my hard drive on top of my tower case (Corsair carbide 275r black). Completely oblivious to the hard drive, I tipped the tower by accident and my hard drive fell onto a carpet. Now my case is roughly 17 inches off the carpet and the shock rating for this hard drive is apparently 250G @ 2ms when not operating. My hard drive still works when I plugged it in, Its just that should I be concerned about this in the long run? Also I accidentally touched the pcb mounted on the back of the hard drive a couple of times by accident is that fine?

If it still works then you’re lucky … but in all cases make sure you have a Backup of your Data (on another 4TB Hard drive) because hard drives can just fail for no apparent reason whether they are dropped or not.

Have learnt the hard way years ago.

Every hard drive i own now has a duplicate backup in case disaster strikes.