Dropped my wdhard drive 2.o TB wd02eads caviar green

my wd20eads 2.0 tb Dropped on the tile floor and stopped working I hear the noise from my computer when I plug in USB connection and I also hear noise when I disconnect USB but it does not give me access a few times it says I need to reformat hard drive but I don’t want to lose my videos I have on drive so twice out of 30 attempts it has connected and I was given access to hard drive for a short time before it lost connection. Does it sound like this hard drive is fixable or is it done if I reformat if it lets me will that solve problem?



No.  It’s not fixable.  It’s physically damaged.  If there have been any head slaps, you won’t recover the data in those sectors.  Moreover, if any chunks of platter have been dug out, they will continue to destroy the drive until it won’t hold any data.  Keep in mind that the heads are so small that a piece of minute dust is the size of a house next to a go-cart. 

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Thanks That’s what I expected. Lucky nothing on hard drive of importance just the cost to replace now!