Dropped my remote into a glass of wine

I accidentally submerged my WD TV Live remote control into a glass of wine and it got flooded inside. It doesn’t work any more…checked after 10 hour.

It was not submerged in water…and I have heard Isopropyl alcohol (rubbing alcohol) is actually used to clean electronics. So is there any way to clean it (using what?).

How do I open it even - cannot see any screws etc.

Finally I am in Canada so a replacement will take a while.

Can I program a Logitech Harmony to activate all of its functions?

thanks in advance for any help…

A blunt knife eased into the sides will usually open the remote. If you get it open wash it all in warm soapy water then rinse with clean water and put in a warm place for a few hours.

Hi, I have a logictech harmony and it works perfectly with both syle remotes.

Also, do you have an iphone, ipad, ipod touch or an android phone? If you have the new version WDTV Live then you can use that as you remote too.

I have the Harmony 300 and exclusively use that one (i.e. i never use the original remote).

It is “programmed” via USB, so you don’t even need the original one to setup.

@ UserInToronto

To open the Remote, use an old expired ‘Credit Card’ … ‘Plastic’ against ‘Plastic’ is less damaging than a ‘Butter Knife’ as someone suggested. (Using the ‘Credit Card’ is stiff plastic… get it in the groove of the Remote applying pressure… tilting up and down… trying to find a ‘weak spot’ ie. in-between the remotes plastic clips)

To Clean, use ‘Methylated Spirits’ and a ‘Soft Clean Cloth’  and DO NOT rub too hard !  as you may rub down the carbon contacts on the circut board and button pad. 

Do it “Gently” … the Methylated Spirits will evaporate within  a few seconds. (it does not hurt to apply more if needed)

Use a ‘Cotton Bud’ Gently to soak up any moisture you may see on the ‘Button Pad’. (again very gently around the black carbon contacts)

If you have a VERY Fine Grade Sandpaper … gently clean the Metallic Battery Terminals.

Leave to Dry Completely for about 5-10 Minutes before Re-Assembling.

Lastly, Insert Brand New Batteries !

P.S. I Fixed and Cleaned Remote Controls that have been Dropped into Coffee and Softdrink.

Not my own, but  ‘Customers’