Dropped HD this morning, unsure if it's click of death

Talk about a frustrating day…

I accidentally had a small drop on my WD Passort Ultra and suddenly it stopped working. When plugging it in, the computer recognized it as a WD Passport drive, but it didn’t assign a Drive letter for me to access the directory. After researching online, I understood the only option to attempt to recover my data was that I had to open it up and find out what exactly caused the damage. When opening it, I saw the Head Disk Assembly was locked against the middle of the disk and wouldn’t move when connected.

I used the instructional videos to correct the Head Disk Assembly and placing it back into the Landing Tray, but when I connect it now, it sort of clicks. When connecting, the disk spins and the HDA runs one time to the middle of the disk and rest back on the landing tray for a few seconds. When watching other videos of the famous ‘clicking of death’ HD, it repetatively smacks across the disk several times, but mine only does it once every few seconds while only reaching the middle of the disk.

I have tried to run recovery software but it doesn’t seem to assign the HD to a Drive Letter, only allowing it to be read as a WD hd with a lack of a serial number and other information in the properties.

Can someone confirm with me if this drive is permenantly dead or is there a fix around this? I obviously would like to recover the little bits of data I have on there, but I just need another pair of eyes on this after being so frustrated the whole day of trying to make this work.

Dropped HDs are frequently beyond do it yourself recovery. If you are considering professional help don’t use the drive any more. The head may be damaging the platters,