Dropped a 3tb My book essential, works, but the front light won't come on

The drive was dropped on the ground but thankfully I can access all my date on it, and it seems to be running fine, and not making any unusual noises. I am currently in the process of backing up my data on it, back to my pc. I ahve transferred over 1 tb and there haven’t been any problems.

The only issue, that I have faced, and can’t seem to fix is that the white light in front of the my book does not come on…Ever!

I look through the vents and i can see the white light…Blinking steadily when it’s idle, and rapidly when it is in use. However, the light right above the WD label on the front of the drive does not come on. 

Do I need to be worried that the drive is going to break down very soon, or should I consider myself lucky that it’s working fine, and that I can access all my date, and the only problem with it is a superficial light problem? I am fevereshily backiup up all my data, anticipating the worse, but it’s been working fine for the last 3-4 hours. I ran the quick smart status and the quick drive test, and drive has passed both these taste. What do you guys think? 

Depending how it hit the ground and if the power was on, those are two major factors.

The light, well, it’s probably a plastic light-pipe that got push out of position. Snap it back in!

I would definitely get another drive and copy the data to it. I wouldn’t trust a drive that had been dropped. Consider yourself lucky it’s still working.


Lucky, yes, absolutely.

As for any reliability, who knows? Why not keep it around and run some informal tests over the next 2 or 3 years? In the meantime,  do as suggested and get a replacement drive asap.

I got a wester elements 2.5 T  it´s dropped  data saw it but i can´t  copy or back up. people help me what can i do?

Daniel Brush

Si alguien sabes español me podria ayudar se me cayo mi unidad al piso desde hay no puedo ver los datos de mi unidad es decir se los ve pero no los puedo copiar.

Usually a dropped drive is beyond do it yourself fixes. If you intend to try professionsal data recovery don’t do any more or power up the drive again.