Dropbox App does not sync

I clearly have a discrepancy in my dropbox account vs what I want synced on my device. Some of the files are there but a lot are not. Is there a way to make the dropbox app reliable? Why isn’t it syncing?

Hi jglazer63,

The Dropbox App may contain some type of corruption that is preventing the Dropbox app from syncing, have special characters, unsupported file names or there may be a communication issues within the dropbox API.

You can refer the link given below and follow the instructions to troubleshoot for the issue.


So far I have uninstalled and reinstalled the dropbox app at least a dozen times. It works for a while then stops. So I very seriously doubt your solution is the problem.

Ok so evidently the Dropbox App on the My Cloud device is unusable. I’ve uninstalled reinstalled MANY MANY times and it works for a day or so then stops. Now it says “Sync Paused” with no reason why. So I guess I have to rely on an external program to do this, which is sad because this is part of the reason why I bought the device!!!

Glad to see support is right on the ball about this issue. It still does not work.