Dropbox adding proplems

I have looked and looked and cant seem to find the soultion to this problem. I have been trying to add the 3rd party apps. and they dont ever work except for one…

Mydashboard doesnt show apps to download anymore, so I have to do it manually. Which I dont mind if its a file like blahblah.exe. I found the soultion for the Anti-virse one and it works well that way. But the dashboard will not add using the tar files from the support page. Iv tried everything.

I really want to add the dropbox 4rd party app so that the files will sync to my cloud mirror.

Hi there, welcome to the community.

Have you tried performing a system only factory restore? This will not delete the information on the drive however it will set all setting back to factory. Also, what version of the firmware are you running?

Yes I have rebooted the system. I have tried everything to get the apps back. And I am using the current firmwall. Even when rebooting  to store factory with out deleating data its still the newer firmware.

When it comes to installing 3rd party apps. It has to be a exe file. When I was trying to add the virse program it would not add from those tar files but when I found the link on her to a exe file it was able to do it. Even when updating plex. I dont know any SSH stuff.