Drives always working when connected to Mac

Hello everyone,

I just bought a new EX2 NAS and it works fine except that when it is connected with my Mac (Yosemite) the blue lights are always on and blinking… When the Mac is disconnected or off the drives go to sleep.

I have excluded all the share points from Spotlight search. 

Any idea? I don’t like the HDs to be working that much!

Thank you!

Hello and welcome tot he WD community.

Do you have a time machine backup running at the moment? perhaps this is what makes the drive not go to sleep. i could also be the remote access when it is working. 

Nope, Time Machine is not activated…

Ah, and I have deactivated remote access but the media server is on.

Hello again,

I can add that the system log reports very frequently this warning: ORION_LOG /var/www/rest-api/api/Auth/src/Auth/User/UserSecurity.php ISAUTHENTICATED [ERROR] Authentication failure for /api/1.0/rest/shares?

Maybe it can help…