Drivers not found for home edition external

I have recently changed the power outlet and now my hard drive isnt being recognised. Where do i get my drivers from, Ive look all around the website, open so many different folder but i cant find anything.


First thing, do you know what driver windows is saying it can’t find? If its not even attempting to look for a driver I would swap out cables, that usually prompts wiindows to detect new hardware. When my MyBook essential wouldn’t get recognized it was because I was missing a Driver for the Initio Default Controller. What I would do is unplug your USB from your PC and plug it into a new port which should start the new hardware wizard. Let it search windows update for the most reliable drivers. For me after restarting my PC a couple times and switching out USB cables and ports, when I finally hooked up my original USB cable from WD and restarted my PC suddenly was able to locate the driver for the Initio Controller (This driver is the software for how the SATA drive “talks” to the USB port, the actual Controller for WD is INIC-1610). When I looked at the driver details this driver was located at C:\windows\system32\Drivers\ivusb.sys

hope that helps

Also WDs latest external Hard Drives do not come with driver disk, they rely on WINDOWS pre-installed bank of drivers to use, so if you’re having a driver problem then it may mean that something internally is wrong with your hard drive and its corrupted somewhere within the MYBOOK bios and you will need to replace it.