Driver issues with My Book Live 1 TB

When I have MBL installed I lose functionality of all of my USB ports as well as my webcam. I also cannot shut down or hibernate my computer. I’m running Windows Vista, SP2.

I contacted tech and they said sometimes MBL has issues with Windows drivers… has anyone found a solution for this, or do I need to return the product?

Sounds like some type of conflict, for this case be sure to download all of the available windows updates and the latest firmware available for the my book.

I am running vista on two laptops with wireless access to the MBL duo 4tb and have had no problems at all. I would make sure that all the drivers on your computer have been updated.

Thanks guys, but everything possible is already up to date. Tech support just said “Sometimes MBL has a driver conflict with Windows. You should try reinstalling Windows”, which definitely isn’t an option for me. If no one has some magic fix, I guess I should just return the product?