Driver for Window 7 - Book Essential External Hard - WD20000HU1-00

Dear Friends,

I have a Book Essential External Hard Drive 2 model WD20000H1U-00 that was bought in may of 2009. It was working very nice until I change my window from Vista to 7 . Now the computer recognize the drive but send me a message the it does not have space to  save files.

I didn’t find any drive to this hard the runs with Window 7.

Could you give a help to solve this problem.?


That doesn’t sound like a driver issue at all. If it is a drive issue you’d prolly have to contact your regular line of support for help with that (Dell, HP, your IT department etc.) since WD uses generic windows-based drivers which are a part of the OS (as I think all (if not all than most) ) HD manufactuers do today.

Have you tried reconnecting this drive to a machine using an older operating system?