Drive worked on TV yesterday, not today

WD - MyBook 6TB Model: WDBFJK0060HBK-04, Serial: WX31D944COJE

  • I have been using this on my Samsung 40" TV without problem

  • Yesterday, I unplugged it from my TV and updated some video files which I do every month or two

  • Today I plugged it into the TV using same cables, same USB port. TV wouldn’t recognize it.

  • I changed USB port and replaced the cable with a new one, still not recognized by TV

  • Unplugged TV for a couple hours then reset it to factory settings

  • Drive is NOT recognized on 2nd TV but IS recognized on my Windows 10 computer

  • Another drive works on the original TV with no problem

  • Any advice on how to get this drive working on my TV again? Or is it non-usable on TVs now?

Hi Bill,
To use drive in your TV, the partition table must be in MBR then only drive would work fine.
Because most smart TV’s support MBR partition table, and also you need to confirm with your TV manufacturer that which partition table does his TV supports.
So, in order to make your drive work in TV, you need to backup data and format drive.

Problem resolved. I reformated from NTFS to exFAT, reloaded my files and works fine. Thanks!