Drive SMART Failure

Could anyone help me how to resolve this following problem?
I got a new WDMyCloud, and yesterday I found this notification saying that “The drive 1 self-check failed.”
How should I resolve this?

Was there a power outage?
Did this happen upon setup for the new My Cloud?
Was it working before?

I wouldn’t even bother. Remove any data you can and return it or RMA it.

@SectorGZ It was working before, there was an accident happened, one of my friend dropped it from 1 meter height (I put it upon a file cabinet). I checked mycloud after that, it was still fine, and the day after, I saw this notification.
It is still working though, I could still put my file in it. But I wanna know why this happened and is there any other way than return it, could resolve this? will restore the system help?

From the User Manual, p1 “Important Safety Instructions”:

  • Do not place this product on an unstable surface. The product may fall, causing serious damage to the product.
  • Do not drop the product.

You dropped a hard disk drive one metre to the floor, and you’re wondering why it is reporting a problem…?

RMA is for warranty returns, due to inherent failure of the device. What you have here is accidental damage.

I note this question was posted on the first of April. This is an April Fool’s Day joke, right…?

The fact that it was knocked over and fell to the floor, and the problems started after that is key information that wasn’t in your initial post. That changes the context of your question and answers others can provide.

Why it happened is your fiend knocked it over and the drive got damaged from being knocked over and landing on the floor.

Once a hard drive is physically damaged (like being knocked to the floor) the general suggestion is to backup any data from that drive to another hard drive, then replace the damaged drive. Continuing to use a damaged drive runs the risk of loosing the data contained on it. Once damaged a drive can fail at any moment.

Generally most device warranties do not cover damage caused by the user, rather they cover manufacturing defects and other issues caused by the manufacturer. In this case the best you can hope for is to contact WD Support, RMA the My Cloud and hope WD will replace the hard drive or entire unit for free. At worst they’ll charge you to replace the drive or entire My Cloud and recover any data on the failing hard drive. If they want to charge you to replace the drive or entire My Cloud, then it may be cheaper to buy your own hard drive and follow one of the unbricking procedures found in this subforum to setup that drive, then copy the data from the damaged drive to the new drive within the My Cloud enclosure. Provided of course the My Cloud NAS backplane isn’t damaged or broken.

Hi, I’m having the exact same issue, except the drive has not been dropped or otherwise mistreated (and it’s not April 1st!):

Drive SMART Failure
The drive 2 self-check failed. Contact WD Support.
Tuesday, 2016 August 09, 16:39:25

The NAS was purchased in Feb 2015 so it’s only 18 months old.

A Scandisk on the drive (from within the MyCloud browser application) reveals no errors - it’s just the above SMART data error I’m getting when running the System Diagnostics Full Check (which takes hours), but not with the Quick Check which doesn’t generate any errors.

On comparing the SMART data of the two drives I can see only minor differences in the figures, yet only Drive 2 is generating this error.

I just restore to factory setting the drive after erasing all the data & I started getting this message.
My 50% data has being transfer to the drive but now i am unable to transfer data back. If I reboot the drive i can copy any file below 200mb but large files i am unable to do so . which is very strange. does any one hav any fix for this ?
I also tried the quick test which works fine but full test its fails .
Please help me to resolve this issue.