Drive Self Test stops at 70%

This is the second EX2100 unit I tried to setup. Returned the first one due to lock ups.

Purchased both without HDDs. Software seems really Buggy.

HDDs I’m using are two brand new 2GB Red WD20EFRX.

I installed the drives, connected ethernet & power cable. Hit the power button.

I’m using a brand new Mac Mini to connect to it. Safari browser froze during setup.

So then I try Firefox and I’m connected and I get to the Raid setup, choose Raid 1.

The Drive Self Test gets to 70% and it’s still there right now.

How long is it supposed to take DST and Raid setup?

Safari crashed on my first dashboard connection and setup attempt.

I was not able to connect to the Dashboard with Firefox or Chrome either, at that point.

Last page I had up with Safari was, Drive Self Test stuck at 70%. Page unresponsive.

So I go to look at the Unit and Blue Power LED is pulsing slowly? Manual says Standy Mode?

Both HDD LEDs are Red. So I restart my Mac and bring up my Router status page.

I can see that the EX2100 is connected and get the IP address.

I type the IP address into Safari and up comes the Dashboard and I’m at the Raid setup.

Connection to the dashboard seems much better with IP address.

Much more stable than typing http://wdmycloudex2100.local in the browser. Wonder why.

I was able to setup Raid 1 and it formatted the drives EX4 really fast.

All setup. 1.96 TB Free. Dashboard is very responsive now. I wonder what was wrong before?

I thought I was going to have to send this one back as well. That’s a relief.