Drive rejects firmware update; firmware forlorn, story follows

Tuesday (Fizbin!)


(WinXP x32) (MyBook Home Edition [1TB])


I was running 1.00 firmware and downloaded the 1.034 update…


The white update banner came up, stated that it found the drive and nicely asked me not to power down or disconnect (duh) the drive.


The the lights in the room dimmed (no - not a brownout), the music took on the slow beat of the Jaws theme, my feet tensed and my fists clenched as I sat on the edge of my seat in anticpiation…


Green boxes appeared across the white banner - it started to update!


The green boxes danced halfway across the banner and then paused…a shot of adrenaline shot through my body…it looked like it was going to update my drive, but then a cold chill fell down my spine…


The white banner said “The drive has rejected the update” and my heart sank.


I looked up at the ceiling and begged the hard drive gods,


  • Please Zeus, Arif Shakeel
  • Allow me this simple deal:
  • I’ll always buy from the W/D,
  • Just grant me my data once more to see,


  • Please John Coyne!
  • Do not kick me in the , er…
  • My data purloin!

Alas my cries for supplication were merely prologue for devastation…

My drive has now become a brick and I feel like a…

Stick has just hit my backside as my data is now on the dark side.


[dcw]Thoughts? Ideas? Suggesions?[/dcw]


Help!  I really need somebody…not just anybody, a firmware expert indeed.

I used to think getting the latest drivers and firmware was best. My video card fried a few months ago. After a lot of searching I found a bad driver update had been issued that messed up the fan speed causing overheating. I’ve been more  “if it ain’t broke don’t fixit” since. Sorry you aren’t the only one with a failed firmware update lately. Maybe you can get some usefull help from customer service for a change that would be something new.


Have you tried contacting WD?  Depending on which drive you have, they may be able to help.

To Contact WD for Technical Support