Drive Problem? After wakup can read but no write

I just received a WD Green 1TB/32mb cache for Christmas. At the moment I am using it with a Kingwin EZ-Dock connected to my Mac via USB. I formatted the drive with no problems. I then was able to quickly transfer about 400gig of music and videos to the device with no problems.

However I quickly found that if the hard drive goes idle after a period when it becomes active again I am not able to write to the device. It goes like this…

AFter a period idle I acceess the drive. The files are shown and I can open, view, listen, etc to any of them. I can also copy the files off the drive and onto any other drive I have. However when i try to write to the drive edit on the files or anything else that would change its contents I begin getting random errors.

The only method I have found to resolve this is to unplug the USB and plug it back in or turn the dock off and back on.

I have tested with a 2 other sata drives I have and none seem to exhibit this type of behavior. When they wake up I am able to edit the its files and copy new files to the drive.

I am still working on the problem. However I think I may have fixed the problem. I was using a KingWin EZ-Dock. This afternoon I went out an purchased an Acomdata SMBXXXU2FE-BLK 3.5" Obsidian Black USB & Firewire External Enclosure from frys today and I have not been able to reproduce the problem. All other drives appeared to work just fine in the EZ-Dock but it appears that this may have been the problem.