Drive not recognized on reboot- need help

I have a “My Book Essentials” External 3TB HD connected via USB3.  I have updated every driver on my system and can’t resolve my issue.

Issue: If my WD drive has the power disconnected and I boot my computers into Windows 7 x64 then once windows has loaded power up the WD drive there is no problem.  However, once the PC is powered up and the WD drive is powered up; if I either restart my computer or “shut down” then start my computer the WD drive is not recognized by Windows.  Not seen in my computer, not seen in disk management.  If i unplug the power and plug it back in 75% of the time the drive will become recognized.  The other 25% I have to completely power down again and wait for windows to come back before attaching the drive.

The reason this is a problem for me is I do need to remotely access that drive when I am not physically there, and if my PC looses power the PC can be accessed but not the drive.  Any suggestions would be very much appriciated!

I would recommend you to confirm if the issue also happens when you are not trying to use the drive remotely, also I found a link on WD web site with a software and instructions to verify and repair drive failures in case they are present, you can try this as well and confirm if the issue is caused by drive’s malfunction.