Drive not recognised problems

I have a 3Tb my book usb 3 drive and a renesas usb3.0 pciexpress card. I am running windows 7 x64. When I connect the drive to this card’s usb socket the drive is not recognised at all (as if nothing was connected to it). Connecting the drive to a different, usb2.0 port works fine. Connecting a different device to the renesas card (a usb mouse) works fine. Moving this same renesas card to an older pc (windows 7 x86) and connecting the drive to it works fine! But not in my pc! Any ideas?

Hi there, is that card supplied with proper 64-bit drivers? That’s the only thing I can think of since the card works well with a 32-bit system, even though the kernel is still W7.


Yes, the drivers are fine, they are for x64. I finally solved it myself, reading around in other forums. I had to disable the auto-overclocking from the bios motherboard and manually set the PCI-E frequency to exactly 100. Now the drive is recognised. Of course a different problem showed up now, but I better make a different thread.

That’s interesting to know, I’ll PM me this thread just in case.