Drive not full but can't copy more

I’m trying to copy my files over to the EX2. But windows says there is not enough space. The dash board says there is 802 gig free. I was transfering files file then it stopped and said it was full.

I have my drive set up with a static IP as many recomended here.

I am using windows 7. 

The drive has 2 1tb drives set as a raid 1.

NFS service is on. Others are off.

I have the drive set as a mapped dieve via windows explorer.

Any one have any ideas?

What’s the size of the files that you are trying to copy?

Can you please try resetting the unit? This will help the unit to update all the information on the unit.

I reset/rebooted the system and just tryed a 1 k file. I got the message “There is not enogh space on …”