Drive Not Found Error

I had to move the contents of my D: drive to a partition on a new HDD.  The old HDD was failing.

Afterwards, I uninstalled and reinstalled Smartware using Revo uninstaller, configuring it to work with the new drive.  However, every time I boot the computer, Smartware complains that the volume D: could not be found.  I’m assuming this is the *old* volume D:, on the old HDD, because Smartware nonetheless backs up the new volume D: without complaint.

What do I need to do to get Smartware to stop trying to back up a physical volume that doesn’t exist anymore?

Text of error message:

Backup source cannot be found
Please verify your backup plan

I have the same problem. I had to substitute an external hard drive. Now smartware continues to let me know it can’t find the drive that I removed. I want to get rid of this message.