Drive not accessible

Please help every time I plug in this drive my book essential it always want me to format the drive and I can’t do nothing else . I see the drive listed in device and printers and if I right click it takes forever to load and nothing happens . How can I get all my pictures off this drive . What can I do

The WD My Book Essential is a good choice to store data. It provides the ability to protect your data with a password and 256-bit encryption. However, the hard drive is a sensitive media and unfortunately, just like most things, it has a certain lifespan, and after running its course, it can fail. In your case, it seems like your drive have been corrupted and you can lose your data. To overcome the situation I recommend you to contact a data recovery service provider to recover your data. Don’t do the experiment in your hard drive to avoid further damage.

Don’t do the steps that the agent sent me to do a recovery ? Thanks