Drive not accessible after firmware update


My new 500GB MyBook had some troubles with opening the setup files for SmartWare. I tried a firmware update. The first one failed, and my hard drive became invisible to the computer, unusable, unaccessible, I couldn’t turn it off. After many warnings about file permissions, I have finally managed to open the firmware updater again, and it said it successfully updated the firmware. Unfortunately, I couldn’t “power cycle” the drive, because the power button isn’t working, and the drive is still unusable. I am sad to have wasted two hours of my life, I am extremely frustrated at Western Digital for not making the firmware updater and SmartWare just WORK, and I am annoyed at myself for making things worse and for truesting WD in the first place. I should have just bought a cabbage and placed it on my desk next to my laptop.

I need any help I can get. Thank You.

Running Win7 Pro 32 bit on an HP ProBook.


When it asks to power cycle try unplugging it.



Thank you!

The drive is functioning now. Unfortunately SmartWare still isn’t working, but that’s a different problem…