Drive Mounting & Ejecting Oddities

i have something happening that i’ve never experienced before.

first… the specs…

  • i’ve got a new “My Passport Pro (2TB)” thunderbolt drive configured however it came (i’ve not changed its formatting or anything).
  • i did install the “WD Drive Utilities” app version (after recent update).
  • i’m running Mac OS 10.11.3 (El Capitan) on a 2014 MacBook Pro 15".

now… the issue…
Sometimes, not every time, but most of the time when i plug the drive in, it mounts 2 volumes. 1) my custom named space i’m putting files on, & 2) another volume named “Boot OS X” that has nothing in it.
and then when i go to eject the drive in the Finder, i get this message/dialog box that says…
[myDrive] is a partition on a disk that has 2 partitions. Do you want to eject [myDrive] only, or both partitions?
i’ve been clicking the “Eject All” option.
note: attached is a screenshot of the dialog.

but like i said, this doesn’t happen every time. i haven’t been able to determine any patterns for when this Boot partition shows up or not.

anybody know anything about this?

Hi there,

Have you tried this on a different computer to see if the same thing happens?

Yes, i just spent around 10 minutes plugging it in, ejecting, unplug, rinse, repeat… with my wife’s Mac and the blank Boot volume never showed up. so i guess it’s just with my computer.

could that be because i have the WD Utility app installed and she doesn’t?

i’ll attach screenshots of the utility in case you see something i’m not that should be changed. but remember, i did not modify ANY settings in it. i’ve only run the 3 tests it has on the first screen.