Drive is not accesible

I have the 1 TB MyBook which I had devided into two partitions. Everything was great until recently. When I tried to access the second partion  I am getting the message that the partition “is not accesible. The file or directory is corrupted and unreadable”. The real issue is -  I  have about 800 GB data on that  second partiton, lots of it was not backed up.

What would be the way to  fix the partition and have it readable again?

I am aware of the chkdsk command however I am reluctant running it as I have read both good and very bad stories about that command and would like to try something else.

Thanks a lot


It sounds like something may be up with the drive or the partition. I would run a scan on the drive (use WD’s DLG tool) to make sure it’s not physically damaged, and if not get some Data Recovery software and see if that helps. If not you’d have to send it to a Data Recovery company (this usually runs between $500-$3000 USD depending on whats wrong with the drive). This is why it’s so essential to ALWAYS keep a MINIMUM of 3 copies of your critical data in different locations.