Drive halts my pc, light blinks

Hi guys,

I’ve looked all over the place and can’t find anyone else that’s had the same problem as me, so I figured I’d see if anyone here has any suggestions.

I have a WDBAAA3200ABK (320 GB passport) and I used it to back up all of my data so I could format and start fresh. I didn’t use the backup software that loads on the virtual drive; I just opened the drive and copied over a bunch of my data.

After the formatting, I was slow to move my files back over and now I’m trouble getting the drive to work.

When I plug it in, it spins up (I can feel it spinning) but it either doesn’t load a drive in windows, or it mounts a drive that I cannot access. The LED will come on when I plug it in, but then starts blinking after the virtual cd drive has been mounted.  During this whole process it causes the my computer window to be in a “Not Responding” state and basically halts my pc until I unplug it.

I’ve tried this drive on 3 different computers (all winXP) and with 2 different cables. Is there any kind of repair application that I could run? The drive isn’t making any clicking noises,  and the data that is, hopefully still, on there is more valuable than the drive itself.  If it’s got something to do with the USB interface, is it possible to open this thing up and access the drive a different way?

Any suggestions you might have would be appreciated.

You might want to try the power booster cable for the passport. WD sells them on the online store.  Your passport may not be getting enough power.  Also, if you have it connected to a usb hub, you may want to connect it directly to the pc.  Don’t use a cable more than 18 inches long, either.