Drive erase function

Using the Drive Settings Drive Erase Function. To erase your My Passport when the
drive is not locked:

  1. Click Drive Erase On the Drive Settings screen (see Figure 17 or Figure 18 on
    page 27) to display the Erase Drive dialog:
  2. Read the warning about the loss of data if you erase your drive.
  3. Click the I understand check box to signify that you accept the risk.
  4. Click Drive Erase to erase your drive.
    After the drive erase operation completes, go to and see Knowledge
    Base Answer ID #5419 for information about downloading and restoring the
    WD SmartWare software and disk image on your My Passport drive.
    Note: Erasing your drive also removes your password. WHERE IS ID#5419 ???

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