Drive does not work any more!

I need help. As I have done everything but there seems to be a problem with the drive - containing SUPER important data!

Please !! HELP!

The USBDview says: Serial Number something like 20202020 repeated 100 times. What can that be?

I cannot allocate a letter manually.

But windows says everything is fine with the drive, Trying to scan / repair it won’t work… It is seen as My Book… But nothing else happens.

I need a fix for this problem!

Are utilities such as HD Sentinel or HDDScan able to detect the drive behind the USB-SATA bridge? Do these utilities see the model number and capacity of the drive?

BTW, “20” is the hexadecimal value of an ASCII Space character, so it appears that the serial number is being reported as a string of spaces.

Have you actually looked inside the enclosure?