Drive constantly working

Thanks for the link, I just read it all.

So they said that they implemented a “fix” and that turning cloud access off would shut of this process. 

This is exactly what happens for me.

In case it will start again when I need cloud access, shall I do this 

  1. $ /etc/init.d/wdmcserverd stop
  2. $ /etc/init.d/wdphotodbmergerd stop



Well I’m just glad I could be of help, enjoy your MyCloud :smiley: 

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A question: when the drive is in sleep, should all the led turn off, or do they remain on ?

No, when my devices are in “sleep mode” they display a solid blue light. The MyCloud manual specifies what the different colored and blinking lights mean (manual is posed online on the WD site). If they bother you, you have the option of turning it on in the Dashboard.

look at page 10

wait I think see what your saying the constantly blinking lights in the back? Yeah those are always on and should be on and blinking so long as the mycloud is connected to the network. You want to pay attention to the condition of the light in the front of the device and closely listen to see if the harddrive is spinning. You can also just power the device down completely at night.

No no, don’t worry, I was referring to the front lights and disk spinning. I know the rear lights are network access lights. :stuck_out_tongue:

Thanks for your concern

yeah just look at page 10 of the manual I refrenced ^ 3 replies up it explains it all, page 10 is the 15th page in the pdf

Sleep mode isn’t a solid blue, it’s a slowly pulsing blue, and occurs when the hard disk is actually stopped and parked. Solid blue will have the disk still spinning.

For the indexing and thumbnailing processes, here’s the ‘definitive’ thread:

I know thats what the manual says, but mines alwayes sold blue. And I know for a fact that the drive is parked becuase I’ll wait and hour go back to it try and access it and I’ll hear it spin back up. My light has never pulsed

Yup, my drive always has a solid blue LED too, but the drive seems to be spinning all the time though?

Guys do you know the equivalent of

/etc/init.d/wdmcserverd stop

/etc/init.d/wdphotodbmergerd stop

update-rc.d wdphotodbmergerd disable

update-rc.d wdmcserverd disable

for my cloud mirror ? Can’t yet get an answer in the dedicated forum.


 I know thats what the manual says, but mines alwayes sold blue.

Okay, but when mine sleeps the HDD, the blue light pulses, and I can feel the HDD is spun down. With solid blue light, I can feel the slight vibration of the spinning drive.

My first disk has a broken blue LED, so I’ve got used to using vibration to check its sleep state…


The first two lines stops wdmcsererd and wdphotodbmergerd processes.  The second two lines stop

these two processes from being started on the reboot.  Until you do the last two lines with enable rather than disable.

those two processes will not run again.


Hi yes, but those lines, as I stated above, don’t work on my cloud mirror, and I don’t get answer in the dedicated forum.

I don’t know anything about the cloud mirror.  On the WD My Cloud those two scripts are in the /etc/rc2.d.  To find out

why your mirror is not sleeping.  You need to find out what it writting to the disk.  You can look at the scripts in /etc/rc2.d.

You can use the following command to stop any of the processes that are in the /etc/rc2.d directory.  Any script in the rc2.d directory that starts with S  you can type sh S stop.  You then need to wait to see if the drive goes to sleep.  Then stop another one and wait again.  As long as you don’t do the disable statement you can just reboot the device if something stops working.


When can we expect something from WDC regarding getting the Mycloud to sleep? I have tried everything I can think of and it just keeps running. Why should I have to find a running process writing to disk… where the HE*L is WDC?

Look at this in the wdmcserver.log

2015-10-10T01:05:56.815080-04:00 di=fCsfuU9oQi info wdmcserver: [6762:0x44b2f460] Error  Broken pipe


thrown from /data/workspace/workspace/wdmcserver_stable/src/util/Socket.cpp, line 403

2015-10-10T01:05:56.866895-04:00 di=fCsfuU9oQi info wdmcserver: [6762:0x44b2f460] Error  Broken pipe

You need to find ot what is writing to the disk.  Because there are several reasons that for the disk not sleeping.  As you have seen from previous threads samba has a bug that cases it to update the inode of browse.dat at least once every ten minutes.  Since the standby time is ten minutes.  The disk never goes quiet for ten minutes.  It depends on what you are running on your system that may cause the disk to not go to sleep.  With a little trial and error you should be able to isolate why it won’t go to sleep.


where the HE*L is WDC?

Not on this user forum. At least, not reading every post in every thread.

Have you raised a Support job?

cpt_paranoia wrote:

where the HE*L is WDC?


Not on this user forum. At least, not reading every post in every thread.


Have you raised a Support job?

Yes and I get no response for a few days now. I would think they know about the sleep issue with the latest update. It was fine prior to this one.

Check the /var/log/user.log for messages about missing file. The message below gets written to the log every 10 seconds. You can stop these messages by ssh to the My Cloud. cd to /etc/rc2.d. Then execute the following command. sh S20restsdk-serverd stop

2015-09-20T13:32:14.332820-04:00 di=WfOf5hjVLP notice restsdk[6572]: watch.go:109: Stat(), error: stat /tmp/dynamicconfig.ini: no such file or directory