Drive Cable connection

A new laptop has 4 x Thunderbolt 4 ports which have the USB-C style connection. My understanding is the Thunderbolt 4 cables have USB-C connection both ends.
Is there a cable or adapter so the drive can be connected to the laptop?
Current connection is USB-3 to the USB 3 type B Micro on the drive.

Tom Gray

Hi @TomGray,

Kindly share the drive model number with us, in order to assist you better.

The details are:
Ser No. WXG1EB8CU73H
The new laptop has 4 x 4 thunderbolt ports type USB C and I wondered if there was a cable to connect from that to the WD drive which has USB 3 type B Micro. I have had a search but cannot see one and think the only way may be an adapter unless anyone knows of such a cable. I am not familiar with the thunderbolt concept.


Based on the shared drive model number the drive interface compatibility are listed below:

USB 3.0
USB 2.0

Further info. It appears that the Thunderbolt cable has USB-C connectors at both ends so unless the device to be connected to the laptop has a USB-C port an adaptor will be required.
An option is to purchase a (rather expensive) Docking station (this from Dell who are the makers of the laptop). A single thunderbolt cable can be used between laptop and dock which has a variety of different ports. Wonder why the laptop needs 4 ports then.
There are USB-C female to USB 3 (Type A) female connectors which will allow a USB 3 or 2 device to be connected to a thunderbolt cable. There are also USB-C male to USB 3 female connectors which would allow USB 3 connection to the laptop without a thunderbolt cable. What that does to the efficiency of the thunderbolt cable I have no idea.