Dreaded Error 8



I have a G-Tech 4TB thunderbolt drive which started to become a little slow. Used Disc Utility on the Mac to see if that would set the problem.
I then got the error 8 warning.

What I’ve done to try and sort the problem.

Erased the disk including the RAID 0 which was on the drive.
Created a new RAID 0 through the Sierra assistant in Disk Utility. Thats initially was a success but then reverted back to the problem of error 8.

Erased the disk again, and formatted to FAT32 (seen that online to format to another format) and then erased again back to Mac OS Journaled.

Then used Disc Utility to run first Aid and all was OK.

The problem then comes back after copying some files onto the drive and then running Disk Utility agian. When I also run Black Magic speed Test the speeds are shocking so there is a big problem.
Question is has the drive had it or is there something else I can try?


It sounds like the software RAID is having a problem maintaining the volume properly due to one of the drives having issues.

If there are some bad sectors on one of the drives it would have a problem keeping the RAID in sync for a RAID0 and thus report this type of issue.

At this point a new drive would be recommended.