DRC Settings


What am I doing wrong?

The manual says that the DRC settings are either   On - Off  - Auto - Max

My settings in Setup is set to Stereo

When I try to enter the DRC settings I expect to see the options listed above but instead I get…

Off - Enable DRC for all files - Enable DRC for compatable files - Max

Am I Missing something somewhere?


It could be a different firmware than the one on the manual

when was the last time you updated?

Thanks for your reply.

I was away and just saw your post, sorry for not getting back to you before.

I have just bought the WD and have updated it with the latest FW, which could be different from the manual of course.

 I do recall however, seeing those settings the first time I was setting up the box, but I am not hunderd per cent sure as I had already read the manual so it could be just an impression.

Thanks for your help anyway, if you think of anything else please do get in touch as I have the nagging feeling that i might have done something wrong.

Thanks again