Drag And drop

I am new at this, just wanted to know if it was ok to drag and drop files from my desktop to my WD TV Live Hub Media Player?

I just got it today and dont want to screw it up.

Thank you.

You might want to organize where on the Hub they go, as opposed to just copying them to the root of the share, but sure… you can do that no worries.

It even works for an attached USB drive as well.  You can copy/write to it from your PC, over your LAN.

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Thank you,

I am pretty new at this and really appreciate the help.

No worries… you’re welcome.

Although, maybe I should add that the Hub’s network performance is rather slow, so be prepared to wait for the transfer(s) to finish. :wink:

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Yes, It is taking me nine minutes and 25 seconds per 4.5 GB.:cry:

But I love this device :smiley: