Downloadserver - Filehoster


I would like to use the MyCloud Mirror to download files from a Filehosters. I think these Filehosters use simple https downloads but the require a log in. I see that in the Web Interface of the myCloud Drive it is possible to do http downloads and there are also p2p apps available but how about downloading from Password Protected Filehosters? 

Another question, is it possible to install an VPN Server?

Thank you!

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See if the following links help.

hmm… maybe but maybe not in a way I can understand it xD

I need to Download files from a filehoster called because my colleges upload large files. That requires a login. ON my Mac I use a Downloadclient called jDownloader which has the possibility to be installed on NAS Systems with command line. I just can not figure out if it is possible on the myCloud Mirror which I would like to buy.

Thanks again!