Downloading movies remotely

Hi, I am one state away from my parents. I have movies on my mycloud and I have my dad set up as a user. He can download 30 minute tv shows without a problem, but he cannot get the movies to download. Yesterday, he downloaded a show (114 mb) and then tried the rest of the day to download a 1.5 gb movie, but would never do it. He then tried downloading another 30 minute show ~130 mb and that worked fine again. Is there a file size limit? Thanks in advance.

what is he using to download them?

I have not tried many downloads but on uploads the drive mapping has major issues with files larger then 250MB, it is not a size limit as they work somtimes. smaller files and even sets of smaller file with a large size don’t have the issue.

the WD mycloud desktop app does not have the size issues and is much faster. I would use this for any remote access unless you actually need to map a drive.

He is using on windows 8 and the firefox browser. I will get him to download the desktop app and see if that works… Thank you!

WebDav protocol has a 4GB file size limit at one request (not stream). Frankly using is only good for smaller files. The drive mapping on windows is bit that unstable for huge size files unless if you access the WebDav directly w/o drive mapping. But this could require several modifications depending on your needs and not supported by WD.

Here’s my recommendations based on your scenario:

Get an android tab (I don’t use apple but you could do the alternatives), install the WD app, generate the code from the WD Dashboard to get the app connected to your wdmycloud. Watch the movie from that tab instead. I find it more reliable.

Here’s my setup when I want to stream remotely during home-away vacations:

Samsung mobile with mhl capabilities, installed with WD app and a good player like MX Player from the playstore, connected to any tv via hdmi or my screencast adapter. If the internet connection is good at the remote location, I could stream 15Gb mkv to the tv without issues.