Downloading movies in Australia

we have set up the WDTV on our computer network, and want to be able to rent / watch movies.
Appears all the WDTV apps are only allowed in US. we tried Vudu but it does not come up on the services for the media player. Is there a way we can load it (or another site that is legal)

We also tried to access via ITunes per the user manual instructions on page 72-74. i.e. we launched the WEB UI, but it does not give a media option ??

we can access files OK on our computer, but want to be able to watch / download rented movies.

Can anyone please confirm how this can be done. 

NB We sent a request to WD “Customer Service” 10 days ago, havent had any response…

I was checking and there is actually no online services you access from Australia using the WD TV Live Streaming, I think you may submit your request in the IDeas Forum:

thanks for responding Vadir.

I was hoping there was a way to manually load a web site / search engine, or simply access our computer if we rented something via PC.  appears not.

makes you wonder why WD are selling their product here if they don’t support it…

also shows me they don’t give much care about customer service, still haven’t heard back from them.  I’ll be sure to warn others not to bother with their products

Cheers anyway