Downloading large files

Does anyone know how to download files larger than 2gb? My downloads seem to fail with anything bigger.

Any help would be appreciated.

What application are you using?

Sorry for the lack of information.

I have a MyBook Live Duo drive and when I am using the WD2go App on my iPhone, iPad, and the girlfriends iPad it seems to fail on almost all large downloads. Even files of 1.7gb. Music files and TV episodes (800MB) have gone through fine but the movie files (anywhere from 1.7gb to 5gb) seem to fail each time. I am able to stream them without a problem but not download them for offline use.

Any help would be great.

What is the Limit size for downloading files (Copying not Streaming) fom My Book live across the network to another PC . Ive had success with small files such as 3m but not with 700m. I get an error exceeds limit? Is there a way around this using only the WD supplied software.