Download of Thumbgen

Hello all. First, if the answer is already posted my apologies but I didn’t see it via search.

I downloaded the latest version of Thumbgen from here:  Downloads but when the download finishes the file is just an application, I assumed I would download to its own directory.

If I would like to get into themes and moviesheets where to I save them to so that Thumbgen will work with them?

you link doesnt work… but this one should.

Anyway, what I do is create a directory in Program files called thumbgen

place the exe inside, run the exe and it builds more directories after launching. Templates go in the templates folder [one of the directories it creates}. then for easy access create a shortcut on desktop to TG exe

yes an installer would be handy but there isnt one. this is my manual install

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Sorry the link didn’t work. Your suggestion worked like a charm. Thanks!