Download multiple files\folders from the "family" public

Dear All, im new in the community sorry if im going to write about an already-known issue

Im using a cloud home duo since a couple of months and all is fine but now im facing a strange behavior

I shared in the “family” folder a series of folders\files in order to give the opportunity to my friends to download the contents… but it looks like that is possible to download only single files and not the whole folders and related files…

how is possible?
i contacted the customer care and they replied that it is done for security reasons… but which security?

does anybody experience the same?
does the WD plan to release and update to fix this stupidity?

tks for anybody who will reply to this topic


Existing My Cloud Home limitation :frowning:
I got around this problem by zipping what i wanted to share and share the zip file.
Not the best solution but it gets the job done for now.

I got in touch with the WD customer service… the only way is to open a new account as a guest and then download the wd discovery app

Connecting thru the app as a guest the shared folder is available to be copied/pasted and/or multiple selection of files/folders

No other way…

@aurgolo YES WD Discovery can be used, but for those that do not want to install software and just want to use a quick web app, the only solution is zip and share.