Download Files to Phone or Android Tablet


 Does the android app (My Cloud) let you download files from the MPW drive to your device such as a phone or tablet? I tried to find the answer but it wasn’t really clear.

  If so, is there a restriction on the type/kind of files, or can I download ANY file from MPW to my phone or tablet?

  What about downloading files from MPW to a Windows PC wirelessly?  Again, any file types or only certain types like music, photos or video?



 Hello, welcome to the community.

The WD My Cloud application that you install on your phone/tablet will allow you download any kind of files, but keep in mind that the phone/tablet will only recognize the files that you have application for.

Thank you for your reply. One more question

Using the software - can I save photos from my Phone/Tablet up to the WD Drive using the software and the WiFi connection???