Downgrade Firmware


With all these problems encountered with the latest firmware could someone point me to a tutorial to downgrade to the previous .19 firmware?

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OK I think I know how to install a firmware now. Is there a downloadable version of the previous firmware *2.19 anywhere? The WD site only has the latest *3.24 version.

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OK I’ve found this:

Will post here if the downgrade works.



Following the instructions here:

Inserting the USB flash drive it did NOT show a firmware update icon on the “settings” bar (which I suppose is the main taskbar with the video, music etc icons). This is probably because the version installed is later than the version on the USB stick.

I don’t know how to carry on. Anyone have explicit instruction on how to get the downgrade (not upgrade) to work?

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You need to edit the VER file to specify a firmware number greater than the currently installed one.


You can also get the 2.02.19 FW HERE.