Dowload torrent directly to MBL but EXTREMELY SLOW SPEED!

Hi everyone,

I just bought a MBL and everything is alright til now. I’m tired of copying all big files from my computer to MBL, it’s not fast, just about 4Mb/s. Therefore I wanna download directly to my MBL.

I choose fast torrent, about over 1000 seeds but when I download directly the speed is just 1-2kb/s. Then I tried to download to my computer it’s normal, the speed is over 1Mb/s.

I don’t know how to increase the speed to download directly. Please help!!!

Thank you all in advance

Anyone please help…

And by the way, please tell me if there is any way to connect MBL to my PC if I don’t have any internet connection?


You may need to confirm with the application support team if the file system of your WD My Book Live (EXT3) is supported for downloads as a network location, and if special configurations need to be applied.

Thank you for helping me. Do you mind telling me how to contact them?


Most applications include an “about” section with development information, and may include contact information or websites related to to them.