Double backslash glitch in posts

There’s a glitch if you need to type a double-backslash in a post, for example if you’re trying to refer to a Windows share. The new board software is interpreting it in its other usage as a character escape code shortcut, and is messing it up.

For example if you just type \ \ without the spaces you get \ (only one slash) visible, and you need to use code tags to get \\. But even then if you try to type an IP address, for example \\ you have to add the space between the slashes and the numbers or else it gets interpreted as a character escape code (without the space it appears as \\ .

It makes talking about such things a bit awkward, as there seems to be no way to turn off the interpretation within a post.

Absolutely a glitch, we are going to get it sorted in the new markdown engine we are moving to, works perfect there.

Will check with @eviltrout to see if we can put a workaround or fix in place for the interim.

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If you type three backslashes instead of two, it works: \\servername\sharename

The \\ is made of three \ in a row :sunglasses:


Yup, that’s a nice work-around until things are more fully in place :smile:


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