Don't struggle with SMB, just map it!

Luckily I’m retired, and I had plenty of time to try and get MyCLOUD Mirror to appear as a computer in WIN 10 file explorer, but probably wasted time!
I have come to the stage where I could indeed see it, but for some reason only using SMB 1,or derivatives, and reading about the security issues worried me enough to look at the alternative, simple drive mapping.
you will not see the shares using “browse” so put in the network share manually, i.e. \WDMYCLOUDMIRROR\backups\ or whatever you have named the share, and it will appear under local disk c: as a share, the Win 10 File History backup tool found it without a problem.

I hope this helps others.

SMB1 is the only one that supports network browsing and discovery. But alas it also supports all the bugs that enabled Wannacry and stuff like that, hence its now default disablement.

That’s why if you have it enabled then you can see it, but with only SMB2/3 you can’t.

One other small point about your otherwise totally correct information - if you’ve changed the name of your MCM to something other than the default WDMyCloudMirror, then the name you need to put will change accordingly (\\MYSUPERSNAZZYNAS\backups or whatever you’ve called it). You can of course also use the IP address in place of the name, which may be simpler.

Thanks, Darren, good points you have mentioned. I also noticed that with SMB 1 enabled my Epson inkjet also appeared, I guess because these small appliances use a Linux based O/S?

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Quite often yes (Busybox or something like that, actually not too dissimilar to what the NAS uses).

SMB2/3 are much more secure than SMB1, but unfortunately are nowhere near as friendly to the casual user. But I guess there was the assumption that they wouldn’t need to be as SMB1 would cover that…