Domain User limit exceeded

When I joined the DX4000 to the domain I was asked if I wanted to point it towards a group to pull users from, so I did.  Turns out that group has more than 25 users and now the device is alerting that I’ve exceeded the limit.  How do I change the reference group after the fact?  I’ve looked around and searched the community but it doesn’t seem obvious.


Just go to the same place and unjoin/go back to workgroup.  Then you can join again to a better group

Well sure, why wouldn’t it be that simple?  I’ll give that a shot, thanks!

fwiw, no clue why or a workaround

sometimes when you join a domain group, users do not show up immediately.  so don’t think you have done something wrong, just wait a bit

I solve this issue, by creating a new AD Group and associates only the AD users i want to be able to manage and access WDDX4000 resources.

Then in the server i configure the acess to this group only, and never get the error again. 

Hi, our company has 600+ users in 30 country sites connected to one VPN network.

The domain is a single domain - no subdomain forrest - with multiple domain controlers.

We are using DFSR (Distributed File System Replication) with ful mesh topology to replicate files across multiple sites.

That was the main reason for purchasing WD4000 - the DFSR functionality and Domain based NameSpace sharing of the replicated directories (we dont use the Dashboard features/functions).

This is working quite well, the replication/share is running stable and resources are still awailable.

So my question is: With our current setup, the user limit is limiting us to access the replication shares with 25 users (sessions) at the same time?

My regards :slight_smile:

Correct, Windows Storage Server 2008 R2 Essentials is limited to 25 users.