Dolby TrueHD Audio(DIGITAL) Problem

I downloaded a video of 42GB…It is a Blu ray Disc.but when i play it doesnt play the audi is set to stereo.i even tested setting it to digital still it doesnt play.plz help.

Note* : The Video Is In M2TS Format As It Is A Blu-Ray Disc.

Thank You

Hi Tejas.

Please describe your setup in more detail:

  • Video Connection (HDMI, Component, composite) ?

  • Audio Connection (HDMI, Optical, composite) ?

  • Are you using a surround amplifier?

Another thing that might help is knowing the details of that huge BD rip.  Can you post the MediaInfo output?  Download it here:

Many of us have experienced this, and the short answer is the WDTV doesn’t support DD TrueHD.  The info on these forums lists licensing costs as the reason.

The WD TV Live does support Dolby TrueHD (although bitstreaming only works in m2ts containers).  

It doesn’t support DTS -HD MA (due to licensing issues).

If a file does have DTS-HD or TrueHD, the Live will attempt to extract and output the 5.1 core (or else down-mix it to 2ch PCM).

PixelPower wrote:

If a file does have DTS-HD or TrueHD, the Live will attempt to extract and output the 5.1 core (or else down-mix it to 2ch PCM).

My Live won’t … DDTrueHD (Digital) doesn’t play from m2ts files at all, at the stereo/HDMI outputs. I solved it by extracting the core with Handbrake.


coconova can u describe in detail how i could solve it too?


Look for the thread in this forum titled “Bluray=>MKV” and follow mkelley’s instructions. As I say in this thread, I was able to extract the AC3 core from the DDTrueHD track using this workflow.


My WDTV Live (v1.02.21) plays TrueHD without any problems. I have it connected to a Denon 1910 receiver and the WDTV is set do Digital. It’s great to see the “HD Audio” blue light on the receiver and the sound is just excelent! TrueHD only works with M2TS container (maybe the next firmware will have TrueHD with MKV container…)

With DTS HD MA and HR the WDTV Live just extracts and play the DTS Core from the HD track.

Ahhh, I stand corrected. I’ve only attempted Bluray to MKV. I’ll try the M2TS container and see what happens.


   I have a similar problem, I use a 1.3a Gold hdmi cable and a Dolby TRUEHD and DTS-HD decoder, but when I try to passtrought the HD audio with several m2ts, I get no sound with DTS-MA and lightinng crisp sound with the TRUEHD video files, I set audio output as digital.

Any idea ??

Thank you.

DTS-HD will not play – it doesn’t get passed through.  What *should* be happening is that the non-HD core should be playing, but it’s possible that the file itself was created without one.  How did you create the file?