Does win7 ultimate need the kb982018 update to operate WD20EFRX correctly?

I need ot know if Windows7 ultimate edition “out of the box” without the “kb982018” hotfix (or SP1 update which contains this hotfix). Will be able to handle correctly a WD Red 2.0 TB harddisk without any errors during format/read/write?

I want to format and use this WD20EFRX harddisk on a system which runs Windows-7 ultimate edition. But it is has no kb982018-hotfix or the SP1 installed. And it has no networking card ATM so it cannot update online from MS to install this hotfix. I want to know if I can do without it for correct operation of the Red drive.

Hotfix is described here:

Hi I suggest downloading the update sp1 on the pc you are using now write it to a DVD and install it.  . Now you must admit your story leads one to belive your version of windows is not legal but if it is you can download any hotfix on another pc put it on a dvd and install it on a pc with no internet connection.

HI Hammey I fixed it. Quickly put a image on a hd and installed in desktop just to retrieve the hotfix.

I found the wdtler.exe tool online but not from wd website
Can you tell me what hash this tool officially has so I can check ?
Bc it isn’t available anymore from wd

Hi glad you got it fixed. As for the wdtler tool I dont know sorry give it a bit and someone else may know.