Does WD TV Live Streaming Media Player Wi-Fi work with a dual bay 2x4t spanning enclosure?

What is the largest capacity that WD TV Streaming Media Player will read? I have a 2 bay enclosure with 2x4t western digital hard drives set up as one big drive. Will the media player play the files while connected via USB 3.0? If it does work through one USB input, could I connect another 8t to USB 2? Also, do dual bay docking stations work with any WD media players?

This is posted in the wrong forum.  Moderator, please move it to the SMP forum.

wow…the only answer I got was that I was in the wrong forum? Over 60 views and not one answer, debate, or question? I have not been able to find any documentation or other questions regarding this subject. I just can’t believe no one has an answer for this.

Really? Mabye you’re the only one with a 2 4 TB enclosure? Apart from that, people have reported single 4 TB drives to be working on this forum.


I have to agree with Techflaws. You have a very specific peice of hardware connected to you SMP so a good chance that the 60 people who read the thread have no experience with it so do not have anything to add. You also fail to mention the type of enclosure which may bring out those who have one.

For instance, I use a media 4 bay media enclosure, but I have it hooked to file server, not directly to my SMP. The fact that it works great in my situation does not give me any indication that your enclosure will work in yours. We know that 4TB drives will work, but I don’t know of anyone who has tested a 2 bay JBOD equalling 8TB. Also, a lot of this may have to do with the type of enclosure and how it is doing the JBOD file distribution. My Drive Bay (mediasonic) worked well over USB 2.0, was flakey over USB 3.0, and required a certain chipset and specific drivers to work over ESATA (the preffered method IMHO). My point being everything was very specfic to the bay itself, so no way anyone else can answer your question unless they have tested your exact setup in the same environment.

My advice is to give it a try an see what happens. If it does not work and you are within your return window, then bring/send it back. Alternately do as I do, and hook it up to a file server. An innespensive PC to handle all of your media is a great way to go. and can also be used to run as a DLNA device and provide other services like PlayOn, Plex etc.

Let us know the enclosure type, model # and the results. Hopefuly your experience will help out the next person who has the same question. That’s the beauty of being involved in a community stye board instead of one that is only run and moderated by the vendor. 

Good Luck


And, the thread was moved by a moderator to the SMP forum, and maybe someone with an SMP will have info for the OP.  I was trying to help the guy get his message where it was supposed to be, 'cause that was the only help I could give him!  Like you guys said; it’s an out-of-the-ordinary kind of question.  I think Pearl is on to something; hook it to the network, and not the SMP.   If the network can work with it, it’s likely the SMP can, too.

Thanks for the info guys. I have tried a 3t with my WD live and it worked no problem. I currently have 4x2t on two dual docking stations connected to my media pc which is wired directly to my tv via hdmi. I’m constantly hot swapping them with my other 1t’s, and multiple 500g. I currently use a third dock connected to my WD live, which I hot swap depending on what I want to watch. I want to put everything on an 8t setup, I’m all ready to pull the trigger too, but its quite an investment before I know it’ll work. I’m getting a dual bay or 4 bay enclosure with a nice fan, 2 WD 4T hard drives, and was gonna get another WD live, mine is like 4 years old, it works great but just want a new one. I also have been seriously thinking of creating some sort of a NAS based setup, but I really have no clue where to start with that. With a NAS setup, how seamless is the integration across multiple different devices? I assume with a NAS setup, it wouldn’t matter if the drive is 4t or 8t because it is reading the data remotely, but I still would love to know what the upper limits of my WD live is while it’s wired. Is it 4t total or 4t per USB port? Would an 8t work, and if an 8t works is it per port as well? I have to know this before I get my enclosure, cause that answer decides whether I get one dual bay enclosure, or two single enclosures.