Does WD TV Live recognize My Book Duo 8TB RAID External HD?

Hi, I’m new in this community.
I have a WD TV Live since 2010 working perfectly with a My Book 3TB External HD.
As my 3TB External HD is almost full, I’m seeking to buy a new External HD.
Does anyone know if the new My Book Duo 8TB RAID External HD works with the 2010 WD TV Live?



Hi, the WD TV Live does not support RAID drives, meaning that any external drive that have more than one drive will not be recognized, this includes the My Book Duo. However WD has 8 TB single bays My Books.

Hi, I tried to connect MY Book 8TB (WDBFJK0080HBK-NESN) with my WD TV Live Plus, but unfortunatelly didn’t work. WD TV Live Plus doesn’t recognize My Book and doesn’t show the USB unit on the screen of main interface.

Please, can you help me?