Does WD ShareSpace support WD Caviar Green 3TB?


I have think to buy a WD ShareSpace with two WD Caviar Green with 1TB - mean i have 2TB.

But so was i wondering: Can i insert two more WD Caviar Green with 3TB and everything still works? - So i can get 8TB?

Can i mirror the two 1TB and the two 3TB?

Hi, no it wont work, because to build a RAID array you will need to have the exact same drives in the array

lets say, you have 2 WD10EARS in a Sharespace, to make it work you will need 2 WD10EARS

same applies to any RAID array.

If you want 8TB, go with the 4TB share space, and then add the other hdds, but remember same model #

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Okay. Thanks. It need be the same, but so what if i have four 3TB? Can i so get 12 TB? (Just asking)

Also how can RAID 5 protect three 2TB with only one 2TB? I don’t understand… it’s not a mirror so how can it save so many data on a single device?

you got me there :P, im not much of RAID guru, but this might help

But so what about 4 * 3TB = 12TB?

Can you recommend WP ShareSpace? Is it a good NAS server?

im not quite sure about the 12tb, because theres not information on the website, and they only sell it as 8tb.

i believe is a good device, if i would need that amount of space (or a NAS device), i would myself one of this

It is possible to use in RAID0 and RAID1 two different pair of disks, for example 2x1TB and 2x2TB. But in this case you will need to configure the array manually, over the SSH console and mdadm utility and not over the web interface. For RAID5 you will need 4 identical disks.

About 3TB disks - if the controller recognize this disks - everything will be OK with manually configuration.

eKristensen wrote:

But so what about 4 * 3TB = 12TB?


Can you recommend WP ShareSpace? Is it a good NAS server?

For home use only? because perfomance is not so high. Look up here for perfomance notes: